Welcome to "Nasir Diocese"

Nasir is currently an area of the Diocese of Malakal.  The Suffagan Bishop is Bishop Peter Gatbel Kunen

It is expected that Nasir Diocese will shortly be inaugurated as a diocese in its own right.  It comprises an area that includes Nasir but also several other counties in the area of Sobat which lies along the border between South Sudan and Kenya.

Values and objectives

  1. We are a Christian group who believe in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, birth, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ
  2. We teach the faith of Christian traditions which are believed by the universal Church
  3. We teach the faith of the Church and practice the faith of the Anglican Communion, We also share these common practices with our brothers and sisters (scriptures, tradition and Reasons) and Pentecost
  4. We work together with other denominations and non – faith groups as well